Masala Peanuts

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Masala Peanuts

This is a tasty snack item, this goes great with a cup of tea.


1. Raw Peanuts – 1 cup
2. Besan ( Gram flour)  – ½  cup
3. Cooking Oil  to fry the peanuts
4.Water –  just a little to coat the peanuts with flour
5.Salt – to taste
6.Chilly powder– to taste (I used ½ tsp)
7.Asafoetida – a pinch

Method of Preparation

Step 1:

Rinse peanuts in water once and drain. Add flour, salt, chilly powder and asafoetida to peanuts and mix well. Add water in spoon to coat peanuts well with the flour and spice mixture. Flour should just coat the peanuts.If you add too much water the peanuts will stick together and make too many lumps while frying.

masala peanuts preparation

Peanuts coated with besan flour

Step 2:

Fry the peanuts in batches in hot oil. Some peanuts will stick together, this is alright. Separate them a bit in the skillet with a ladle.
[If they stick a lot, there is another solution if you are ready to get a little messy. Take a lump from the dish with your hand and drop the peanut lump gently into the oil. While dropping the peanuts, press lightly to gently separate the nuts. Wipe your hand in a tissue and continue frying. This gives better control to separate the peanuts, however, be careful not to burn your hands.]

Step 3:

Drain the peanuts in tissue paper. Allow them to cool sufficiently, then they will turn crisp. Store in bottles.

[ Here is a best practice tip which hope will help – Before you add the next batch of peanuts to fry, its a good idea to skim off any small particles that drop off and remain in the skillet. This will keep the oil more or less free of burnt particles. Or else after a few batches oil will be really messy and black – another reason to make fried foods in small batches. If the oil has a lot of black particles, then I use this method. Heat some fresh oil parallelly in another kadai, then skim the good oil from top of the current kadai, omitting black particles. This adds up the volume of oil in the new kadai, at the same time, avoids reheating oil. Finish the batch of peanuts in the new kadai and discard the remaining oil after it cools down. Avoid reheating oil.If you want to make best use of oil, go on to fry papad or fryms until oil comes down to a lower level.If you want to make best use of oil, go on to fry papad or fryms until oil comes down to a lower level.

I am motivated to make fried foods at home as it is healthier than buying from outside. The oil quality in shops may not be as good as what we maintain at home.  ]

Enjoy your Snack!!!!

fried masala peanuts,fried spicy peanuts

Masala peanuts stored


As a variation you can add a pod of crushed garlic to the batter, the next time you make it. Try it without garlic the first time, I found it just right per my taste, also my kid loved this version. It did come out very well, hence I am sharing this recipe here. It was all gone in just 3 days. You can fry and add curry leaves to the fried peanuts if available.

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