Christmas Greeting Cards

Dear Reader,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!  Feel free to greet your near and dear with the Christmas Greeting Cards here.

Christmas card general 3 snow man



You can share these e-greeting cards to FB page and other social media to greet your visitors using the FB share and other social media buttons.

Its real simple to send the greetings via email. First, write the mail. Then right click on the e-card of your choice at and choose “copy image” if using Fire Fox or Chrome, choose “copy” in IE. Right click and “paste” it in the location you want in Gmail or Yahoo. Click on the image and Gmail offers simple options if you want to resize it. Outlook too allows to embed images in your email. This way you can add real personal touch to your greetings. Here is a sample of how this looks.

Here are the Christmas Greeting Cards you could send to your friends and family…

Christmas Card

Christmas Greetings


Christmas Wishes

Christmas Greetings


Christmas ecard

Christmas Greetings

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful and blessed holiday season!!!!


Sample of greeting card embedded in email

email sample to show inline images in gmail

email sample with e-card added

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