All Natural Mixed Fruit Jam Recipe

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This home made mixed fruit jam is prepared with easily available ingredients. It is loved by my family and neighbors.There is no commercial pectin added, just added lemon juice instead. Try this recipe, its easy to prepare and best prepared on a weekend while watching a movie 🙂

Mixed fruit jam

Yummy Fruit Jam!


Required from the Vegetable Shop

1.Mix of fruits of your choice – preferably the mix should include at least 1 apple. Frozen fruit mix will do – I used frozen mix consisting of papaya, mango,pineapple and strawberry – I started with 1 L of chopped fruits including water that barely covered the fruit slices – This measure is not the most important one, what is key is to match the final volume of fruit with the sugar used – explained below.

2.Lemons – Around 4 if small, 2 if they are real big ( what I used was 25 ml of juice )

The standard dry grocery ingredients (These are the ones you will have in stock 99% of the time for sure at home 🙂 )


Special  Note: As this requires long cooking time, if you face cooking gas shortage, an induction cooker can also be used to cook this… 

Best Time to Cook

During your favorite TV program or weekend movie time, you don’t want to be bored while waiting for jam to thicken 🙂

 Makes about 1 ¾ cups of jam

Method of Preparation: All right, lets get started. You don’t need to be an expert cook to prepare this jam, I am not. What is more important is to try. You will be surprised at the good results.

Step 1:
First thaw the fruit if frozen, else cut the fruit into small chunks.
Boil in water barely covering them and mash them once they are thoroughly cooked.
Then grind them along with the cooked water into a juice using blender/mixer after the mixture cools slightly. Meanwhile take a clean glass bottle and boil it in water and keep it to dry – this will be our jam container. If you don’t have a suitable jam bottle, a small steel vessel will do – but you will have to forget this vessel for next month of more as jam will stay for long time in the vessel in fridge.

Step 2:
Measure the juice you got – I had 2 ¼ cups of juice. You should take the same quantity of sugar – So I took 2 ¼ cups of sugar.  You take sugar according to the amount of juice you got. Then in a thick bottomed skillet, I boiled ½ cup  water, then added the entire sugar into the boiling water. Let the sugar melt, keep stirring occasionally. This should happen in around 5 minutes – not a long time, as soon as it has melted into water and you are able to stir it, it is ready. The trick is to use the least amount of water to melt it – (I used ½ cup of water for 2 ¼ cup of sugar.)

Step 3:

While the sugar is being prepared, pour the fruit juice from mixer into a steel vessel – I used the vessel I use to make sambar and rasam, what I mean is medium thick, not heavy bottom or anything. A vessel slightly thick should work. If you have earthen pot that should be best I guess. We must use steel as it wont react to the acid in the fruit juices. Remember to set the heat to slightly lower than medium flame.

Once the sugar has become a solution, pour this into the vessel that contains fruit juice. Stir once.

Step 4:

Now you can go to watch TV. In my case it took 2 hours of slow simmering to reach the desired consistency – it wont burn or stick to bottom as long as you keep heat slightly lower than medium and stir at least once in 15- 20 minutes – just keep an eye on it.

Step 5:

At 1.5 to 1.45 hours collect lemon juice by squeezing the lemons. Add the lemon juice step by step – each time add 10 ml, you will notice that the fruit juice in vessel start to thicken. Then keep adding lemon juice until the desired sourness and some more thickness is reached, for me it took 25 ml to reach this stage. Remember that the jam will never set and thicken as long as it is on stove top. Remove the jam after 15-20 minutes of lemon juice addition and let it cool a bit. You will notice that it already starts to thicken. Once it has cooled a little bit, pour the viscous juice to the prepared and completely dry bottle. Allow to cool completely. In this jam, sugar never re crystallizes and solidifies into irritating grits. The jam is clear, beautiful and delicious at the same time!!!

Your all natural delicious jam is ready to enjoy!!! You can refrigerate this now.

mixed fruit jam recipe

Mixed Fruit Jam in bottle




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